Here is Queenie in her cast!  She is doing well, but will be inconvenienced for about a month.  Poor hen!

Poor Queenie broke her leg!  Here she is in the vet's office.  6/27/16

Queenie came to us in the Spring of 2016 with another former battery hen.  They were rescued with others from a going-out-of-business egg farm by Helping Hearts Equine Rescue.  Unfortunately, the other hen did not make the change from being stuck in a cage, laying eggs for a commercial egg farm, to being at Cross'd Paws Farm and she died within two days of joining us.  Queenie, however, has been living large and loving life.  She has a wonderful survivor spirit and has made the most of her good fortune; her feathers are gradually growing out.

For More Information on the tragic lives of battery hens, please see


the retired battery hen