Here is Queenie in her cast!  She is doing well, but will be inconvenienced for about a month.  Poor hen!

Poor Queenie broke her leg!  Here she is in the vet's office.  6/27/16

Queenie came to us in the Spring of 2016 with another former battery hen.  They were rescued with others from a going-out-of-business egg farm by Helping Hearts Equine Rescue.  Unfortunately, the other hen did not make the change from being stuck in a cage, laying eggs for a commercial egg farm, to being at Cross'd Paws Farm and she died within two days of joining us.  Queenie, however, has been living large and loving life.  She has a wonderful survivor spirit and has made the most of her good fortune; her feathers are gradually growing out.

For More Information on the tragic lives of battery hens, please see


the retired battery hen

Beautiful Queenie passed away in her sleep in early july.  We had no idea how old she was or if she had any underlying issues--she acted normal right up to her death.  We miss her brave spirit but know she enjoyed her final year and a half with us.